Bryan Ferry through John Cage…

Bryan Ferry by Steve Emberton

I found out of Roxy Music, and Bryan Ferry the singer and keyboards of the group, born Sept 26th,  1945 in Washington UK—through the back of a record album, “For Your Pleasure”, it said it in a outside thin wrap that both Brian’s were into John Cage, they tried different montages with electronics in that style. I was 15 and worked in a classical department of a music store and was still in high school and I had already met and read the books of John Cage. The people in the front played conventional rock the music that sold greatly. I would never heard them anything like this, the only thing worthwhile they played was Pink Floyd which very rarely played, and it took me til 2011 before I heard the Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett. Actually there was no air play to Roxy Music until the Avalon album and hardly nobody heard of them, maybe one person. I took a try at the albums of Roxy Music back then and they quickly became my favourite amongst others that were similar.  It was only until I got in the net that the scenery greatly broadens with Krautrock, etc. Anything associated with Brian Eno I was sure to buy and listen I knew about back then like King Crimson and Robert Fripp and of course Bowie. Little people know that the members of Roxy Music Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay when they left Roxy had a great group too, The Explorers. The music and lyrics in this group were tops but it was a decade later, when I started hearing all this music by myself  in the late 80’s. There was only one Dutch girl that we talked of art rock and progressive rock back then in the late 80’s in the music store! The music of the 70’s, late 60’s though I never lived in that era( still catching up) since I was before a teen — was the best that had come out of rock before it became ridiculously commercialized. So this is Bryan Ferry explore the other band members that are just as good at least to me.  So maybe you heard it before, maybe it will be new to you, or the Explorers will be new to you? Including them here for I heard them together –and I am from the 80’s.  

Roxy Music Phil and Andy without Bryan instead James Wraith in the Explorers…in the 80’s

PreRoxy Music Phil Manzanera Progressive Rock band Quiet Sun, great King Crimson, Soft Machine sound


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