Modern Technology Too Much?

Ca.1915-1925 Studio view of a Geisha with portable record player.

In the advent of the computer things have greatly changed, one can listen to in one week of music that one heard in one year. I don’t know if that is a good thing, though I was doing that for a while now since 2011; I didn’t get WIFI till then.  It is as if one isn’t able to digest something before one goes to the next. The net is like smoking or drinking one can have plenty of it or little and feel better, if has little does it makes you feel better? I was born in the era of records, and I can say that I prefer that era in some ways better but the marvelous thing now is that one can hear incredible amounts of stuff or see them in pictures or videos in shorter period of time which is good, and for me it is also not too good. It was also different in our grandparent’s time they had 78 long plays, and one doesn’t see those anymore, one recorded one movement of a symphony on one record side, so one needed many hard thick records package for that. In one’s great-grandparents time there were little recordings one played those old fashion players, and mostly what one did if one loved music is go to concerts often.

We are back mainly to concert going, isn’t that strange, for people download, but I don’t download for at this point I don’t need to own things, but most musicians need the money from concerts to survive, even to promote their music even.

At this point in my life I like taking music like I had taken films much slower. I always think of films they are great but does it matter if we see so many. There had been so many people like John Lennon who died young at a certain time and he never saw what the new folks are able to see, one is lucky if one gets to see many new movies. Now we are able to see huge foreign and domestic catalogues of movies and music videos from the past and new ones coming at us every day.

I guess to me it is good if one is able to control it, maybe some people don’t mind when it is on a constant basis, but one is the sole controller of delights of this modern era.         76572883f288489a17f9ff0bb4cbb90e


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