“Tea” is the best for me…

my English tea pot and oranges

I don’t know about  you, but tea is my favorite thing, and it is hard finding loose teas in regular markets. One finds them certainly on the net, but I don’t like buying food on the net, but I have gotten a good supply at TJMaxx so far that I seldom been without it. The Tao of Tea is a great brand and I have a dozen different flavors, at Trader Joe one can find green tea in a can and in the Oriental Market one can find green tea from Japan. I have green tea before 3pm, otherwise only have tea in the mornings Assam, English Breakfast, etc, so many flavors to select from. It is also hard buying a two cup tea kettle of good quality for boiling but recently bought one in TJMaxx. There is large ones everywhere for six cups but two people or one can’t drink six cups. I have the large ones too for guess. There is seldom coffee here, though I don’t mind sometimes. The espresso and cappuccino are better than regular coffee and enjoyed in the Latin countries, this is the way I came on it.    15 - 1 (2)


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