If You Love an Instrument…

Gypsy boys--Budapest, Hungary (1939)--photograph by William Vandivert
Gypsy boys–Budapest, Hungary (1939)–photograph by William Vandivert

It is terrible to think that when one is in high school and plays an instrument if one doesn’t like playing one has to give up on the instrument. The love of an instrument is separate from the sometimes short live need to play in school ensemble. If one doesn’t like the instrument or grows not to like it– that is a different story. I have met a good number of musicians that don’t feel like playing anymore. If you love the instrument, guitar, cello, baritone sax, or marimbas –one should explore the instrument. The goodness of the school is that it gives you the primary skills to be off on your way, though many people incredibly learnt it alone. There are people that listen to the recordings and don’t need to read music and do the music exactly like the recordings and that I been told by a virtuoso violinist, he is amazed as anyone. I never seen this but it is more common in rock music learning the riffs of guitarist from a recording.  So, if one loves ones instrument why quit, what better thing can one do, unless you take up another art like painting, etc. There are many types of music to select from, the rock has mostly guitars, etc; the jazz, mostly sax, but there is clarinet and a small amount of violin, cello, etc.; bluegrass music, mandolin, banjo, etc.; not that any of these could be mixed and mixed for a vibrant new music. You can invent your own music — that is totally awesome, so one never has to quit if one still wants to play.


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