My First Fountain Pens: a Wonderful Experience…

parker 75This is the first expensive fountain pen I bought, the Parker 75, not made anymore, has had many years of writing fun. This one has a broad nib that doesn’t write very broad. When I bought this pen, I only knew of Parker inks, but then got into Waterman that has much more colours, like violet and brown. The Parker colours were limited. Now there is many colours to choose with Noodlers ink. In High School and two first year of college I used the Parker Vector and had like a dozen of them in different colours but no coloured ink only Parker cartridges. cf2aaefb485cf8c17cd38845adc62c28 I gave them all away but some people are still collecting them. Now, in the advent of no writing of cursive there are no pens like these in my college, but rollerball isn’t bad, but expensive if one writes alot, but most people don’t write a lot. The cheapest way to write is with a bottle not cartridges one is paying for the convenience. As years past on I bought many pens and greatly enjoy them, they last a lifetime. So, do your own collection if this interest you and you love writing  in great amounts.  


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