The Changing World of Radio, Internet is best.

Entrance to Nosali

It is amazing how the radio has changed. I don’t know about you but I have gone to the net for my radio. I select the music, there is no middle man wanting money (though I wish I had money to give away). It all started with Muzak music, very interesting music at first that they had in the 80’s in four stations, one only for classical. The Muzak was alright or even good when they had brought in musicians to do arrangements of Christmas tunes for sextet of instruments or a quartet of instruments doing a Beatles tune. Muzak was even listened by John Lennon when he was in the kitchen. He complained that they only selected the famous Beatles songs and not the obscure ones. This is a good sample of the songs they might have…finally ended when they started playing the easy and mellow pop songs without using musicians to arrange it and perform it. Muzak was there to make money not to help struggling talented musicians. It lasted over a decade, then like records store or video stores much later it came to a total end. In the lost airwaves on NPR was Music from the Heart of Space that also was in for a decade, put on the air by doctors or business for one hour a week, I was a great listener. Here is a tiny sample. You can find this type of music in youtube or Spotify or maybe other places, the easier to find the better. Enjoy.


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